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The 3 Best Casinos in the World

Casinos in the World

Gambling has been sending out waves of classy entertainment all across the globe for more than two or three centuries, but it was only in the last few decades that every form of gambling started gaining traction. Though we have come a long way from the most basic games and settings, people love to go back to the roots for the nostalgic experience. However, land-based casinos have also ventured into the online gambling scene to increase profits. This can also be considered a great strategy to attract more people to the real tables and machines. Several establishments have been on the top of the business by offering superior quality gaming options and jackpots. If you are a fan of casino gambling and want to visit the real casinos out there, here is a list of the best casinos in the world.

1. Bellagio, Las Vegas

This is one of the best casinos Sin City holds in its massive land of multiple offerings. Bellagio remains in the premier position with its legendary designs and massive floors. Hollywood movies such as Ocean’s 11 and 21 had their plots revolving around Bellagio, mostly for its top-end poker rooms. The table limits in these gaming rooms are quite high, but they are well-known for the World Poker Tour events. All poker fans will surely be grandly treated in the casinos, but the others will not be disappointed either. The slot machines and other table games come with an impressive payout. Once you are done gambling, you can also head to the fashion stores and dancing fountains in the opulent resort.

2. The Venetian, Macau

Vegas had its Venetian model designed, but it was later transported to Macau in the huge resort that stands as a global gambling arena. Although the original establishment in Vegas offers a great range of games and luxuries, there is nothing like the regional additions of Macau. It is the largest casino in the world, covering a 530,00 square feet space containing more than 3000 slot machines and gambling tables.

The Venetian, Macau

If you think the casino only has the elegance on the outside, take a tour through the halls to be entranced by the brilliant architecture. Lush themed areas have been designated for all games, and they are further adorned by the canal system that connects the South China Sea.

3. Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monte Carlo is the perfect destination for executives looking to have a meeting with their business partners. This casino maintains a great professional milieu; so, you may have to slide into something more elegant for the halls. Everything about the casino is splendid that you are bound to be amazed by every feature.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

The heat of the game is killed with an excellent cooling system, and this makes for a perfect atmosphere for friendly competitions. Celebrities can slip into the VIP halls and end the day with some dainty foods from the long row of restaurants in the town.

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